The Disappearing Tabletop

Social and Technical Challenges for Cross-Surface Collaboration

At the Workshop

We are planning a highly dynamic, half-day workshop based on design cases, brainstorming, affinity diagramming, and sharing of results.

We will first welcome attendees to the workshop, provide opening remarks, and each attendee will briefly introduce themselves to the group, followed by an invited talk. After a morning break, attendees will be divided into working groups to each explore a specific challenge that participants and organizers have identified in their position papers as fundamental technical and social challenges facing the uptake and growth of tabletop research and tabletop applications.

1300 – 1315  Welcome and introductions
1315 – 1400   Keynote
1400 – 1430   Workshop Paper Lightning Talks
1430 – 1500   Coffee Break
1500 – 1630   Group Activity & Discussion
1630 – Onwards  Closing Remarks & Workshop Lunch